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about us



The company Mimont International was founded in May 2003 in Serbia.
We have been successfully operating in Serbia for 20 years. Within our company we also have a production facility/workshop with an area of ​​900 square meters and has all the possibilities for prefabrication (welding and cutting) of elements of pipelines and tanks, mostly made of stainless steel.

In our 20 years of existence, we have come a long way and are slowly developing and growing, so in 2016 we opened our representative office in Slovenia, then in 2021 in Croatia, and in 2022 we opened our representative office in Germany.

how we work

we are a reliable partner

Mimont International has SCC certificates and the ISO 9001 standard in all countries where it has representative offices.

In our company we employ skilled workforce, certified welders, pipefitters, locksmiths, electricians and supervisiors. All our employees have certificates from their activities as well as a good knowledge of foreign languages, they also have a long experience on works on many projects in foreign countries.

In our company expert knowledge, accuracy and efficiency is highly valued. On the base of our long experience and our knowledge we are ready to give you suggestions which can improve your production and in cooperation with you we can solve all construction and assembly problems.

We employ highly qualified workforce of the following profiles

  1. Atest welders- TIG (Argon – 141) and ReL (111)
  2. Pipe fitters
  3. Locksmiths
  4. Electricians
  5. Supervisiors
  6. Insulators

iso 9001 certificate

Modern equipment, orbital welding machine, TIG welding machines, arm equipments and safe kits. Our welding and instalation works with stainless steel pipelines get very good marks. Works were leading by experiance engineers.

scc certificate

Welders tested by ISO 9606-2 ( E/MAG/WIG) and ISO 9606-2 WIG/E Kombi i MAG 136.